Your own inexpensive biocidal product approval with profit - (not) a dream ?!

We create synergies to guarantee continued profitable sales of your biocidal products in the future, even if you do not (yet) have your own formulation

Safe your biocidal product portfolio as business basis

If you can answer “yes” to at least one or two questions, we should talk about the exceptional opportunities that smart Biocides offers you.

Do you have a biocidal product that is also a medical device ?

Even better: Use the synergies of a joint post-market surveillance including literature research and shared costs.
Of course, we can also create the associated reports and update your clinical evaluation, if necessary.

Achieve your biocidal product approval together and in a smart way

About us

Why choose us?

We do not only accompany you with the approval of your finished product, but rather support you with the development of your own formulation according to your wishes and market requirements. Thanks to years of experience in product development as well as biocidal product management, we can support you from the very beginning – in developing or optimizing your formulations – until successful biocidal product approval. Extensive market knowledge helps us to bring the right participants together.

The process

The SMART way to your biocidal product approval

Take the opportunity to save money with us and maintain the sales of your biocidal products:
Safe money and rescue turnover – simply SMART!

1. Free initial consultation

We clarify your requirements and wishes for biocidal product approval.

2. Finding allies for approval

We check the ideas and possibilities of all interested parties with regard to a joint biocidal product approval.

3. Setting the budget

Determination of the budget depending on the number of interested parties and common requirements.

4. Fixing details

After a binding commitment, individual extensions to the joint approval can be defined in detail and a final offer can be made.

5. Share to take care of your biocidal product approval

After accepting the offer, we start with approval of the products or, if required, with the development and testing of an own formulation.

Receive your offer for approval of your biocidal product here and find out whether we can carry out the approval for free

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Approve your Biocidal Product affordable

We appreciate your interest and will be happy to contact you to discuss your wishes and requirements for a biocidal product approval. In preparation for the personal conversation, we would be delighted, if you could use the questionnaire to provide us with initial information on the desired biocidal product approvals.

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