Does high and rising costs make your chemical products unprofitable?

We'll support you in keeping your manufacturing costs low by outsourcing production and finding additional synergy effects.

Keep your production costs low and profit despite increasing energy and material prices.

  • Do you produce formulations (disinfectants, biocides, cleaning agents) and struggle with the energy, materials and employment prices?
  • Do you see a lack of prospects for the situation to improve?
  • Have you already considered relocating your production to another European country with lower energy prices and overall production costs? But has the effort to organise such a venture kept you from doing so until now?

There is a S.M.A.R.T. solution for your company!

We’ll support you in relocating some of your production to other European countries, with detailed regard to regulatory aspects (CE, medical devices, REACh, biocides). You will also benefit from a joint purchase of materials and services — more favourable conditions are often associated with bulk orders.

Cost factors & potential savings

About Us

Our Why - Your advantage

Special situations like the current economic crisis require special measures and new approaches.

We are specialised in product approvals and support in the regulatory area, but we have many years of experience in all areas related to disinfectants, medical devices and cleaning products. Our expertise and experience include production management, product development and purchasing (raw materials and packaging). During years of supporting our customers, we built a net of contacts and options, and now this net will help you to relocate any production. You can benefit from this S.M.A.R.T. production and save costs. 

Our definition of S.M.A.R.T.: Save Money And Rescue Turnover

True to our motto, “We create synergies and solutions”, we will help you to keep the cost low by creating synergies and offering solutions, whether for product approvals or the production of your products.

Your Options

The SMART production of your products

When it comes to relocating product manufacturing, there are several options:

Production of a single product

Contract manufacturing at a suitable manufacturer.

Only outsource the production of products with low profit margins and tight calculations in order to compensate for increases in the price of raw materials through the savings in production.

Production of a product line

You struggle with a low margin product line, but the market forces you to keep it?

You want to open a new product line, but you can’t invest in new space, employees and/or devices?

There are manufacturers available whose production lines are perfectly designed for such special needs and enable a more efficient production.

Your own production

 If your demand is big enough, there are facilities ready for your exclusive usage and working only for you. 


Laser focus on all your needs from “day one”.

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